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Theme of the Day: Trait of Doubt, 63.2 - Structuring

Trait 63 - After Completion

Trait of Doubt - Doubt is an Essential Inspiration

Mental Ease Mixed with Doubt. In the spiral of life, all ends are beginnings. The future is dependent upon establishing with certainty the validity of a pattern. The fuel is to question.

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Life Work Theme of: Consciousness

Purpose fulfilled through Mind

This Trait is part of the Strength of Logic - linking Inspiration (Trait 63) with Conceptualization (Trait 4). Trait 63 is part of the Collective Understanding (Logic) Circuit with the thematic of sharing.

The suspicion or doubt of Trait 63 is merely a pressure; it is the readiness to pay attention to and question what feels insecure until it can be understood and evaluated in terms of our future security. Doubt arises when we sense an inconsistency or weakness in the existing patterns moving life forward. This is an essential ingredient in the understanding/logic process, and logic is the common thread that flows through and connects all life forms on the planet. The doubt of Gate 63 can be directed out into the world, or focused inward, inappropriately, on our lives and choices. Our doubt becomes an urgency to formulate a question that addresses something that isn't clear to us. If we don't get an adequate, logical and workable answer to our question, pressure in the form of suspicion continues to build. Our focus on the future, with an ability to see patterns that exist in the present, means that if something appears weak and does not stand up under the scrutiny of our logic, or if it does not insure society's future, we will reject it for another pattern. When we are part of a group engaged in long-term planning, our aura will contribute this pressurized fuel for formulating an answer to the brainstorming process of projecting possibilities into the future. Without Trait 4, mental anxiety can arise as our need to have an answer to life's pressing questions.

Quality 2 - Structuring

Elevation: The establishing of a large framework through which achievement can be expanded and shared; compensating others for their contributions while maintaining control of direction. The pressure to share one's doubts with others while still maintaining control.

Challenge: Instability in achievement that when in positions of authority leads to arrogance and the desire to keep others away from the center of power. Doubts in achievement that can lead to suspicion of others.

The Theme of the Day reflects the neutrino influence on humanity as we move through the Traits and Qualities of the yearly cycle. These daily themes are potentials that you can witness in others and the world around you, and, if correct for you, as you follow your individual Decision-Making Strategy, may become a part of your experience as well.

These themes and qualities may also be found in your personal Career Design. Following the BG5 Live Theme of the Day is a great way understand deeper aspects of ourselves and others.

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