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Theme of the Day: Trait of Innocence - the Spirit of the Self, 25.5 - Recuperation

Trait 25 - Innocence

Innocence - Trait of the Spirit of the Self - The Spiritual Warrior

The perfection of action through uncontrived and spontaneous nature. To love everything equally. Triumph and survival enrich the spirit and result in the wonder of being.

Trait 36 < Trait 25 > Trait 17

Life Work Theme of: Healing

Purpose fulfilled through Mind

This Trait is part of the Strength of Competitiveness, A Design of Needing to be First, linking Identity & Direction (Trait 25) to Willpower (Trait 51). Tarit 25 is part of the Individual (Centering) Circuit with the keynote of empowerment.

The love of Trait 25 flows out of fully accepting and living surrendered to one's form. A trait of the higher self, its pivotal role is to turn people toward individuation. Our innocence is not designed to bring love into the world in any specific way, but rather to love without discrimination. Those who carry this trait hold the potential, and empower others with the potential, to love life and everything in it equally. A flower can be loved as profoundly as a human.

This quality of love is often projected as cool or cold but is neither. The mystical potential of this love is transcendent and universal, and our spirit innocence is always being tested. We have the capacity to meet these initiations from life like a spiritual warrior, fired up and ready to compete for our spirit (our individuality) no matter what the circumstance. Then, when the warrior or "fool" of Trait 51 prods us to leap into the void, or when we meet life's initiating challenges, we will be able to land on our feet and deepen our innocence into a wisdom that can empower others on their own journey. We may emerge a bit wounded from such initiations, but our ultimate triumph and survival enriches our spirit and the spirit of those around us. The result is that we are alive with the wonder, the love, of being.

Quality 5 - Recuperation
When innocence is sapped of its vitality, healing is the first priority.

Elevation: The ability to recognize the inner meaning of an affliction and to withdraw until it is healed. The power of the spirit to heal and be healed.

Challenge: Hypochondria and the need to be healed by others. The weakness of the spirit which requires healing from others.

The Theme of the Day reflects the neutrino influence on humanity as we move through the Traits and Qualities of the yearly cycle. These daily themes are potentials that you can witness in others and the world around you, and, if correct for you, as you follow your individual Decision-Making Strategy, may become a part of your experience as well.

These themes and qualities may also be found in your personal Career Design. Following the BG5 Live Theme of the Day is a great way understand deeper aspects of ourselves and others.

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