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BG5 Profit Potential Certification

BG5 Profit Potential Certification

Want to learn the most natural and authentic way to profit simply by being yourself? Want to support your clients in doing the same? The BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification explores how to profit by being you.

In the first three semesters of the BG5 Profit Potential Certification we will explore each of the 9 Functions of your career design and understand how to fine tune each function to maximize your satisfaction, success, peace, and delight in doing work you love and specifically how you are designed to profit in the most natural authentic way. The 4th and final semester will tie it all together and give you profound ways to deliver this information to your clients. 

Please review the full BG5 Profit Potential Coaching Certification Curriculum for more information. Semester 3 of the BG5 Consultant Certification Course is the prerequisite. You must be a certified BG5 Career & Business Consultant before being certified as a BG5 Profit Potential Coach.

Below are the upcoming semesters currently open for registration. 

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